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Quick Teller Loan (All you need to know about Quick Teller loan)

Quick Teller used to be a platform where you can carry out various transactions such as payment of school fees, utility bills, data subscriptions, booking a flight, and many more. But with the high demand for digital loans in Nigeria, Quickteller decided to make that an additional product. With this new improvement and added service of digital loan by Quickteller, the number of individuals using the platform has skyrocketed over a short period of time.

With Quickteller, you can perform several amazing things like making payments online, buying airtime, sending money to your loved ones, and having access to merchants and billers online as I have mentioned before

Quickteller also gives amazing bonuses to its user whenever they buy airtime using the platform. The platform allows you to make swift transfers to any bank of your choice in Nigeria just like how you use your traditional bank wallet or app.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at Quickteller Loan, How Quickteller loan works, How to apply for Quickteller Loan, Quickteller loan interest rate, Quickteller loan repayment, Quickteller loan USSD code, Quickteller loan contact number, Quickteller loan repayment USSD code, How to download Quickteller loan Apk or app and many more.

We want to ensure that we cover everything you need to know about the Quckteller loan product and decide if it is right for you.

Before we dive into how you can secure your first digital loan on the Quickteller platform, let us look at some important things about this company and how they work, and the kind of services you can enjoy while using your Quickteller account.

Quick Teller Loan (All you need to know about Quick teller loan)

About Quickteller/ Company Profile

According To Wikipedia. Quickteller is owned and operated by Interswitch. Interswitch is a leading payment gateway that has been making waves over the years in Africa. The company was founded in 2002 in Nigeria, as a transaction switching and processing company with a national focus.

With the high increase in new digital ideas and innovations, Interswitch decided to come up with digital services that can meet up with modern-day technological innovations. Interswitch progressively evolved and incorporated consumer financial services known as Quickteller.

Quickteller became one of the most advanced retail payment ecosystems linking merchants and billers with consumers, as well as Verve, a homegrown, EMV-certified payments card scheme.

Quickteller Loan

Getting a loan from Quickteller is pretty easy and straightforward. You don’t need any form of paperwork, guarantor, or collateral before you can get a loan.
To get a loan from Quickteller, all you’ll need is an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or pc and a verified Quickteller account.
The Quickteller loan is just a quick type of loan for solving urgent monetary issues. If you want a loan for your business, you can check Access Bank Trader Lite Account Loan or Federal government and private grants for businesses in Nigeria.
With a Quickteller loan, you’ll be able to get a quick loan with a 2weeks (14 days) repayment tenor.

How To Request Or Apply For Quickteller Loan Online

How to apply or request  for Quick Teller Loan

You can access the Quickteller loan using three (3) different platforms. Either through the website app, Mobile App, or USSD Code.
To start your application process visit Make sure you have an account with Quickteller. If you don’t have an account, then you cannot get a loan from Quickteller. When you visit A page will come up asking you to enter the following information.
  • Loan Amount
  • Your Account Number
  • Select the Bank and click continue.

Note: For you to have access to Quickteller Loan, you must grant Quickteller access to your transactions because Quickteller will use your transaction records to evaluate your eligibility.

Quickteller loan interest rate

As a user or customer of Quickteller, you’ll enjoy an interest rate offer of 3%-15% over a repayment period of 14days to 12weeks(3 months). Quickteller interest rate is determined base on Quickteller’s evaluation of the borrower. This information is gotten by Quickteller based on factors like transaction records and loan history.

Quickteller loan repayment

Repaying back your Quickteller loan is easy and straightforward.

To repay back your loan, you can use different methods such as using your ATM card, Visiting a bank, or Using USSD Code. To repay back your loan, follow these simple steps below.


To repay your Quickteller loan dial this USSD Code (*322#)


• Select Make payments


• Select other’s


• Enter the biller/payment code for the loan type (if you don’t know yours then check the Quickteller website or App to find the payment code)


• For reference, enter the phone number that you used to request your Quickteller loan


• Then confirm payment.

To Repay Through Bank – walk into any bank and tell the customer support that you want to pay for a Quickteller Loan on Pay direct. They will request the mobile number you used to apply and use it to process the payment for you from their own end.

Quickteller loan USSD code

Quick teller USSD Code is *322#. The code can be used to perform different transactions available on the Quickteller platform through their USSD platform.

How To Download Quickteller Loan Apk or App 

Quickteller Loan App is can be downloaded on Playstore or from the Appstore for those using an iPhone device. The app is easy to use and very secure. The app is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption which can stop hackers from having access to users’ data. The interesting about the Quickteller App is the fact that the App is being updated regularly with the latest security.

How much You Can Borrow From Quickteller

As a Quickteller regular user, you can borrow up to N50,000 and pay it back within 14 days. The amount you can borrow from Quickteller will be determined by their algorithm based on your transaction history.

Eligibility Criteria For Quickteller Loan

To be eligible for a Quicteller loan, you must give Quickteller access to your transaction history. Your transaction history or record will be used to evaluate your eligibility and how much you can borrow.

How To Contact Quickteller

If you encounter any challenges while trying to access the Quickteller Loan, you can reach their customer service and they will help you resolve any issue you’re having.

To reach them through a phone call, you can dial this phone number 07009065000 and speak with their customer care representative. Better still you can still contact them via their mailing platform [email protected]


I believe you now understand what a Quickteller loan is, how to go about getting your first digital loan, and what you can do with the app.
If you have any questions or inquiries, you can drop them in the comment section. We’ll try and respond to them as fast as we can.
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