Types Of Fidelity Bank Accounts – All You Need To Know

Types of Fidelity Bank Accounts- All you need to know

Fidelity Bank is a well-recognized financial service provider in Nigeria, with multiple branches all over the country.

The bank is known to offer a lot of products with multiple benefits which individuals can enjoy.

In this article, we will discuss the types of Fidelity Bank Accounts and all you need to know.

Types of Fidelity Bank Accounts- All you need to know


Fidelity Bank Profile

Fidelity Bank is a top financial service provider incorporated in 1987; the bank started operations in 1988 with a Merchant Banking License and grew further to become a commercial bank before rebranding its name to Fidelity Bank plc.

Fidelity Bank Accounts were designed to ensure that the best interest of customers is being managed effectively.

Fidelity Bank is one of the most efficient and highly regarded banks in Nigeria.

It secured the Universal Banking License in 2001 and, after that, obtained its International Banking License in 2012.

Fidelity Bank is known for its financial strength and integrity in managing customers’ finances.

Fidelity Bank Accounts which individuals can consider to get the best services to include savings and current accounts.

Who Owns Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank is a commercial bank established in 1988 with its headquarters in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The bank, which provides customers with access to Fidelity Bank Accounts, is superseded by Mr. Mustafa Chike-Obi, who is the Chairman, and Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe, who is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Fidelity Bank provides several products, including loans, credit cards, investments, and mortgages which one can enjoy through the Fidelity Bank Accounts.

How To Open A Fidelity Bank Account

An individual looking to derive benefits attributed to the Fidelity Bank Accounts must consider opening an account with the bank. Opening an account with Fidelity bank is relatively easy, given that one can do it online.

Below are the steps to open a Fidelity Bank Account.

  • Visit the Fidelity Bank online website.
  • Select the option of which Fidelity Bank Accounts to create (Either a Personal or a Business account).
  • You will be redirected to another page where you must select the option to open a new account.
  • Then select the type of account you intend to open.
  • Conduct the BVN verification.
  • Complete the Fidelity Bank online account opening form.
  • Lastly, you need to update your account by submitting vital documents at the nearest branch of Fidelity Bank.

Requirements For Opening A Fidelity Bank Account

An individual would need to provide some vital requirements before accessing the Fidelity Bank Accounts. Some of the major requirements include:

  • An applicant must be at least 18 years of age or have someone up to the age to run the account until they come of age.
  • An applicant must have either of the accepted means of identification.
  • An applicant must have at least a phone or email address and other valid documents.

Information Fidelity Bank Will Ask You To Provide

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Two passport photographs.
  • Valid means of identification.
  • An applicant would need to complete a reference form.
  • An applicant would need to provide a recent utility bill.
  • A fully completed KYC document (For Current Account).
  • An applicant must complete the account opening form.

Types Of Fidelity Bank Account

Fidelity Bank has different bank accounts option which an individual can consider and suitably pick from for usage.

Below are the types of Fidelity Bank Accounts that one can consider.

Savings Account

Fidelity Bank makes it possible for its customers to open a savings account. Through Fidelity Bank Accounts, one can suitably manage their finances and benefit from the various features offered.

Below is the savings account option that individuals can consider.

  • Fidelity Savings Account.
  • Fidelity SWEETA Account.
  • Fidelity Personal Savings Scheme.
  • High Yield Savings Account.
  • Fidelity Set Goal Account.
  • Fidelity Flex Account.
  • Fidelity Easi-Save Account.

Current Account

In addition to the savings account, one can open a current account to manage the finances of their business.

There are numerous benefits attached to this specific type of account that customers can benefit from. Some of the current account options include:

  • Fidelity Premium Current Account.
  • Fidelity Bridge Account.
  • Fidelity Small Business Account (Individual).
  • Fidelity Vintage Account.

How To Get A Loan From Fidelity Bank

Any individual with either of the available Fidelity Bank Accounts can get access to a loan from the bank. For an individual to access the loan through the Fidelity Bank Accounts, they need to use the code *770*08# or visit the nearest branch to obtain the necessary information on how to obtain a loan.

Requirements For Fidelity Bank Loan

Below are some requirements a loan seeker must fulfill to access a Fidelity bank loan.

  • An interest loan seeker must have a good credit rating.
  • An interested loan seeker must have a credit balance with Fidelity Bank.
  • There is no documentation needed (Personal Loan).
  • The salary account must be in Fidelity Bank and remain functioning for 3 months.

The Benefits Of Fidelity Bank Accounts

Fidelity Bank Accounts provides customers with a convenient and better way of managing their finances while meeting their goals and objectives. Some of the benefits of using Fidelity Bank Accounts include:

  • Easy access to funds through credit cards.
  • The monthly interest on the savings account.
  • Ability to apply and obtain loan facilities.
  • Free debit card for usage.
  • Access to writing unlimited checks.

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Fidelity Bank Cards

Once you open either of the available Fidelity Bank Accounts, you will automatically get a bank card for usage.

Fidelity Cards ensures 24/7 access to funds from one’s account at any location and at any time.

One can apply and get the Fidelity Bank Accounts cards which include a Visa Debit Card, a Debit MasterCard, and a Verve Debit Card.

Fidelity Bank Fees

Fidelity Bank, like other banks, also charges fees on any transactions conducted directly from the Fidelity Bank Accounts.

Fidelity Bank Accounts holders are charged N20 on balance inquiry, N10 on transfers from N0 to N5,000, and N25 for transfers from N5,000 and above.

How Fidelity Bank Makes Its Money

Fidelity Bank makes money from offering numerous services to its long list of customers.

The bank, which has a high number of Fidelity Bank Accounts holders, makes money from the products its offers.

Some of how Fidelity Bank makes its money include:

  • Through the offering of shares.
  • Through the interest on loans and overdrafts.
  • Through deposits made by Fidelity Bank Accounts holders.
  • Through charges on numerous transactions conducted by its customers.

Pros Of Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank, one of the trusted and respected banks in Nigeria, has a lot of benefits for customers. Below are the pros of Fidelity Bank, which Fidelity Bank Accounts holders can derive.

  • Interest on daily balances.
  • Provision of multiple loans.
  • Easy access to funds through Fidelity Cards.
  • Fidelity Bank Accounts holders can utilize their account 24/7 through the online banking app.

Cons Of Fidelity Bank

  • There are huge fees on transactions.

Fidelity Bank USSD Code

Fidelity Bank Accounts holders can conduct diverse transactions from their respective bank accounts using the transfer USSD code.

The USSD code which Fidelity Bank Accounts holders can use in making transactions is *770#.

The code can be used to create an account with Fidelity Bank and conduct any payment.

Requirements To Register For The Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

For an individual to utilize the Fidelity Bank transfer USSD code, they would need to register on their mobile device. Some of the requirements for the USSD code registration include:

  • One would need to utilize the number linked to Fidelity Bank for the transfer code registration.
  • One would require the Fidelity Bank account number.
  • One would need the debit card details.

How To Contact Fidelity Bank Customer Care

Fidelity Bank Accounts holders can contact the bank’s customer care representative when they need assistance.

One can either visit the official website of Fidelity Bank or contact their helpline.

Below are the contact details for an individual to connect with Fidelity Bank customer care.

Call: 0700 3433 5489

Email: true.serve@fidelitybank.ng

Fidelity Bank is an excellent bank an individual can consider to manage their finances.

The bank has numerous products which can help an individual to achieve their goals while maintaining an excellent financial lifestyle.

We hope this article provides enough information on the types of Fidelity Bank Accounts.

Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


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