Even App Review- All You Need To Know About Even App

Even App is the topic of today’s discussion. You might have heard of Even Mobile App or this might be your first time coming across the app. Whatever category you fall into, in this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Even App.

Life can come with different unpredictable situations which can be challenging sometimes especially if it has to do with finance. As a working-class individual, you might encounter some financial predicaments which can make you financially handicapped. This is one of the major reasons why Even App was designed. In this detailed review, we’re going to see if Even actually provides such a solution.

We’re going to look at some major features of the app, its pros and cons, benefits, and many more.

Our aim with this article is to ensure you make the right financial decision whether if Even app is for you or not.

The Even app which is also known as Even instapay cash advance is one of the most advanced apps when it comes to organizing your finances and getting a loan.

What is Even App?

Even is a financial app that allows users to borrow money in advance before they are paid by their employer. As a user or customer of the Even App, your employer must be a verified partner of Even in other for you to get a loan from the App.

The App is built with great financial planning tools and instapay features which allow an individual to borrow money against his/her working hours, so long as the person has worked for those hours. This app is made available through verified employers who partnered with Even App. 

To get access to the full features and benefits of the App, you’ll need to be paying a membership fee in other to get in advance.

According To Learn Bond. Even App is a platform that helps people turn their paycheck into progress. The company incorporated multiple financial features into one comprehensive platform with the sole aim of facilitating financial wellness.

Even is trying to ensure that it solves the problem of paycheck to paycheck in the united states. According to research conducted by the company, they noticed that 50% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck which is why they needed to solve or reduce this by offering new financial services. With these new services offered by Even, a lot of Americans can make ends meet, save money, and even pay down debt.

As the vision of Even, which started back then in 2014 started growing, it brought so many passionate people together. This is one of the things that captured the interest of big companies like Walmart.

Walmart which had a program that was designed in place for offering benefits to help their employees during retirement had to adapt and integrate Even to their platform. After identifying the gap, Walmart needed to find a way to ensure that its employees are well taken care of.

Even Company Profile

According To Crunch Base. Even or Even Responsible Finance, Inc is a world-leading on-demand financial platform that helps companies reimagine how they pay so their employees can live the lives they always wanted.

Even as a company was recently acquired by One (One Financial). The two companies were merged together on the 26 of January 2022.

The company whose headquarter is in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US was able to raise a total of $52 million as a total funding amount, 65 contracts, and a total of 21 investors.

Even App Review

Who owns the Even app?

Even Responsible Finance, Inc and Even App was founded by some great minds. Below are the names of the founders of Even App.

The App was founded by Cem Kent, Jon Schlossberg, Quinten Farmer, Ryan Gomba. You can read more about them on CRUNCH BASE

How does an Even App loan work?

Even App is targeted to both employees and employers. The App ensures that both the employee and employer enjoy the service of the App.

The Even App has brought some level of closeness between workers and their employers. Employers can use the service of the app to build, attract and retain talents by helping their employees enjoy some level of financial freedom and progress while working.

The Even app makes this possible by ensuring that employers can take part in this through their Instapay program by giving Even access to their payroll information.

On the other hand, employees of even partners can use their own app to see the cash advance that is available to them. Things like that are believed to boost morale for employees and increase their commitment and confidence in their employers.

The Even App is very much accessible in 50 states in the united state. Based on the product design, it aligns with sound practices concerning the different state wage-and-hour laws, employment tax laws, and federal and state lending laws.

Integrating the Even App with any employer’s company can take an average of 4 to 8 weeks depending on how large the payroll is. The company will integrate so things like payroll, attendance, and banking systems. This process helps Even to understand and have a clear view of individual employees’ financial health to impact.

Eligibility Criteria for Even App Loan

The eligibility process for Even App is straightforward. For you to be able to use the app, your employer must be enrolled and verified by Even. Once your employer is enrolled, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with the Even App.

Pros and Cons of an Even App Loan

The Pros Of Even App

  • The Even app gives you exclusive instant access to earn wages
  • The cost of using the loan app is very affordable
  • Anyone from the united state can make use of App.
  • The app is loved by so many customers based on customers reviews 
  • The platform offers financial management features
  • You can pick up your cash at any Walmart stores

The Cons Of Even App

  • As a customer, to enjoy or use the Even App, your employer must be a partner with Even
  • Your employer can determine the amount of cash advance you can take.
  • There is a monthly subscription fee you must pay if you want to continue enjoying the App.

What loan products does Even App offer?

Even App offers a credit facility that works like a loan but in a real sense, it is not a loan. This is done through the Instapay product. Employees get access to part of their earnings before payday. So instead of trying to reach out directly to their employer for a loan, which in some cases is not possible. They can just use the Even App to get part of their salary before payday so long as the employer is a partner with Even.

Even App Customer Support

Even has a proven record of great customer support from all the platforms you can find them. On Playstore and Appstore, the app has a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 rating on the former and a 4.9 out of 5 rating on the latter.

For instant access to the Even App customer support, you can log in to the app and chat directly with a customer care representative. Better still, you can contact support through their support mail [email protected] You’ll get a reply in 2 business days.

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Is it safe to borrow from Even App?

The Even app is encrypted with the latest type of security which secures every transaction you make on the platform. The App is encrypted with security such as a 256-bit end-to-end SSL encryption for keeping your information and details saved. Even always ensure that their security and system are updated periodically.

Frequently Ask Questions About Even App

Is Even App trustworthy?

Even app is a trustworthy app with 100 percent guarantee as they have delivered as expected over the years.

Does Even App take your money?

Even does not take your money. When you connect your bank to even. That doesn’t mean Even has the authorization to take money from your account. This will only track the inflow and outflow of money.

What states are accepted for Even App loans?

Even App is available in all 50 states in the united state. The app is available and accessible by partners of Even.


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